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Little Bands

North Fitzroy Beat interview with Alan Bamford, John Murphy,
Greg Sun and Stuart Grant (Late 1979) - pdf *

Alan Bamford and Jim Buck talking about Little Bands (1981) - pdf *

Frank Lovece and Jim Buck talking about Little Bands (January 5th, 1981) - pdf *

Tom Hoy and Jim Buck talking about Little Bands (February 17th, 1981) - pdf *

Arne Hanna and John Desailly talking about Little Bands (1981?) - pdf *

Jim Buck's memories from Feb 3 1980 Little Band gig  - pdf

Kate Buck's memories of Little Bands (1996?)

Vickki Riley article about Little Bands in Vox (1981) - pdf

Interview with Denise and Dave talking about Little Bands (2005) - audio

Michael Buckley's take on Little Bands (2021) - pdf

*Fom tapes transcribed by Alan Bamford.
Thank you Alan.

Info about Little Bands Part 2 here

Songs recorded by Alan Bamford on Soundcloud here

Little Bands Part 1 - August 1979 to early March 1980

Thank you Janis Lesinskis for taking the Champion Hotel photos below.

August 1979

Marcus Bergner and Marie Hoy performed as Skull Brains and sang "I got brains" between the support band and the Boys Next Door at a gig at the Crystal Ballroom, St. Kilda.

September 1979

ClimaxRecords Ad

Thanks Max Robenstone for having a great record shop, letting us play there and pay for the pressing of our singles. RIP Max, loved your work.

A Little Band performance in the back room of Climax Records, where MYL (Tom Hoy, Lee Smith and Mick McBride) would practice.

Early versions of little bands included:

The Take with Frank Lovece and Marisa Stirpe.
Ronnie and the Rhythm Boys with Denise Rosenberg and Stuart Grant. Listen to "I wanna be your girlfriend".
The Leapfrogs with David Light, Lee Smith, Jules Taylor, Mark Ryan and Jim Addison.

The Primitive Calculators and MYL played as well.

The audience included Robert Palmer (in Melbourne at the time)and Bob Starkey. Robert liked the Take, but not much else.

October 1979

Little Band gig supporting the Calculators.

Too Fat To Fit Thru the Door

The Take 1979

The Take


Ronnie and the Rhythm Boys

Ronnie and the Rhythm Boys

December 1979

Little Band gig at Champion Hotel, Fitzroy.
Wednesday December 19.
Probably to launch the Little Bands EP.

Photos/details to come if I can find any.

Little Band EP released December 1979
Little Band EP cover
7" EP recorded December 1979. Recorded at York Street Recording Studio. North Fitzroy with David Williams. Each person paid $20 for the recording costs.
Released by Max Robenstone and Alan Bamford with plain black label.
Bands and songs included:
  • Too Fat Too Fit Through The Door: "Flintstones Meet The Flintstones" (Marcus Bergner, Michael Buckley, Marie Hoy, Tom Hoy, Dave Light and Stuart Grant)
  • Morpions: "Point Blank" (Lee Smith, Wendy Morrissey, Stuart Grant)
  • The Take: "Summer" (Frank Lovece, guitar, Tom Hoy, bass, Marisa Stirpe, vocals)
  • Ronnie And The Rhythm Boys: "Hey Joe" (Stuart Grant, vocals, keyboards and drum machine, Denise Rosenberg, vocals, Jules Taylor vocals)
Little Band EP insert
February 3rd, 1980



Jim Buck's memories from Feb 3 1980 LB gig  - pdf


Thrush and the C unts

Hoy Family

The Hoy Family

Oroton Bags

Oroton Bags

Zye ye ye single
Zye Ye Ye single

7" single from July 1981, released in England, after Stuart and Denise spent 3 months living in Taghazout, Morocco (Dec 1980 to Feb 1981).

Loosely based on a song learnt from a Sudanese man living in Taghazout, named Mohammad. Read Denise's memories from that trip.

Recorded and released in England with Stuart, John Murphy, Ollie Olsen, Marie Hoy, Andree Dolby and other Australians living there at the time.

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