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Dogs in Space movie


Dogs in Space soundtrack album
Two versions released by Chase Records, one censored (White cover) and one R rated version (Black cover).
Recorded at Richmond Recorders in 1986 on Chase Records.
Produced by Ollie Olsen.

Watch a clip from the movie here

Dogs in Space cover
Side Two, Track Two:
  • "Pumping Ugly Muscle" by Primitive Calculators (no vocals on censored version)
    • Stuart Grant: Guitar, Drum machine, vocals
    • Dave Light: Bass
    • Denise Rosenberg: Keyboards
    • Marie Hoy and Terry Doolan on backing screams
Side Two, Track One:
  • "Diseases" by Thrush and the C unts (no vocals on the censored version)
    • Jules Taylor:Vocals
    • Denise Rosenberg: Bass guitar, vocals
    • Dave Light: Drums
    • Arne Hanna: Guitar
    • Ollie Olsen: Piano

  • Movie notes: Marisa's sister Danila played Marisa's role on guitar. Marie Hoy played the drummer as the original drummer Marion Brown, could not be found.