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Denise and Dave
Photo taken by Amy Taylor in 2017. Thanks Amy, love your work.

Denise and Dave were founding members of the Primitive Calculators*. They played music together in that band from 1978-1980, then 2009-2015.

In 2019 they became a minimalist protest little band and recorded 9 songs. They are friends, were housemates, are disillusioned, opinionated, organised and old. These are their opinions (mostly Denise's).

Denise wrote her first song ever in 2018, when she turned 60.
It's called "Women, Take Over The Planet"

In November 2023 they took a 2 chord boogie backing track from a Moths practice at 72 Park Street, St.Kilda in 1977 and recorded a song about how to save the planet by eating edible insects called "Crickets".

They have shared music, books, opinions, money, houses, drugs, food, ideas, diseases and the desire to make. They have lived no more than 10kms from the centre of Melbourne, or each other, for most of the past 40 odd years.

* "Australia's most influential band that you've never heard of" according to ABC Rage in 2014

Watch music clips here
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deniseanddavesing at gmail.com